Dilemmas of a pear-shaped girl.

Women come in many shapes and sizes ... including the well-known pear-shape. Why is it called pear-shape? Well it's because it literally is a shape of a pear, small chest and waist then BAM! Hips and butt explosion. A little less T and a little more A. I personally like being a curvy pear ... I mean after all Beyonce is a famous pear, and her figure is to die for.

I have learnt to embrace my shape and have chosen to enhance my assets, if you have junk in the trunk then make it better! You can only change your body shape to a certain extent and everyone is built differently, so I always think just work with what you're given .. the whole 'when life gives you lemons' thingamabob.

HOWEVER... there are some things that will annoy a pear-shapee, mainly involving clothing dilemmas.

Not too much we can do about them ... so let's just laugh and joke about them instead.


1) Tight dresses and skirts.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good mini dress on a night out, but having to pull it down every 10 steps is pretty frustrating and if you don't your under cheeks will be on display for the whole world to see!

I'm not 100% why it does this ... maybe my butt wants to be seen by everyone ... but if it had a voice and it actually told me this I wouldn't listen. If I now buy tight fitting dresses I opt for a knee-length option as it is much more flattering for the figure; hence why Kim K is always sporting a knee-length but tight dress. Or you can go for an a-line dress for a good daytime look. The same applies for skirts.

 Butts for the world to see.

Butts for the world to see.

2) Wearing shorts

So, I bought a lovely pair of shorts last summer - wore them once, or twice - haven't worn them since! Why? They make my legs look like tree trunks ... the trouble is when you're a shorter pear-shape you have short stocky legs ... and shorts just make them look even more tree-trunky and short. If that wasn't bad enough they also ride-up in the middle between the thighs because .. you know thigh-gap doesn't exist with us (and I don't want it to).

3) Bikini wedgies

Having to buy your bikini bottoms a size bigger from the top and if you don't ... your butt will eat your bikini bottoms and will be lost forever.

 Just face it, picking out a wedgie isn't very attractive! (Unless you're part of the Brazilian volleyball team.)

Just face it, picking out a wedgie isn't very attractive! (Unless you're part of the Brazilian volleyball team.)

4) Skinny jeans

Putting on skinny jeans takes just too long, usually involving cramming your butt into the jeans once you've managed to hike them up in the first place. Then you have to jump up and down a few times whilst pulling them up some more. I don't understand why they're so popular as they're so uncomfortable! If I was rich I would have them custom made like Kim K, but even then I would just stick to dresses I think. 

 No Bobby V ... I didn't fit that in them jeans.

No Bobby V ... I didn't fit that in them jeans.

But for now I guess the only way to avoid these problems is just to wear the right style of clothing for your body shape. Ooh yeahhh, embrace the pear like you just don't care.

I would love to hear if you guys have any other pear-shape dilemmas! 

 Me on Brighton Pier. I even managed to get my skinny jeans on that day. Yes Bobby!

Me on Brighton Pier. I even managed to get my skinny jeans on that day. Yes Bobby!



Upcoming Vlog!

Hi guys, I might not be posting as much on here for the time being as I have embarked on a new and exciting project .. creating my own Youtube channel yay =] 

Obviously I'm a newbie so learning how to edit videos can take up some time, but I think it will look really awesome in the end.

If you enjoy my videos then it would be great if you showed your support and gave it a thumbs up and also subscribe. 

But for now, stay tuned.

Sophie x


Sweetie Graveyard **Nostalgia alert**

You've probably at some point in your life heard your parents talking about how chocolate bars were a metre long back in the day and how Cadbury's Cream Eggs were the size of ostrich eggs. They may have mentioned some weird chocolate bars that you never ever heard of before, like a Wunderbar ... or how Snickers used to be called Marathon.

So here is a post dedicated to all them poor discontinued goodies that I used to love growing up in the 90s. Why oh why do they do this to us?! The thought of never being able to taste them again is pretty depressing don't you think. 

How many do you remember? 

In at number 1 is *drum roll*

Willy Wonka's Fizzy Jerkz

They are so discontinued that this is the only picture available.

I remember these guys from school ... hurrying to the 'tuck shop' as soon as the bell went for break time so I could grab a pack. If you did too, then you definitely know that the pink ones were the best, although I did quite like the green ones too.

Maybe they'll bring them back one day, who knows.

2) Coffee Wispa Bars (Wispaccino)

These bad boys were discontinued way before fizzy jerks as far as I remember, I mean come on, the only photo left is an empty wrapper left from about 15 years ago.

I vaguely remember my parents eating them ... and I tried a piece (eating something coffee flavoured as 4-year-old was a new experience.) I do remember liking the taste, surely I would have forgotten about these if I didn't!

3) Peanut Butter Lion Bars

My childhood vending machine favourite ... I don't actually remember going to the shop to buy these, I always used to eat them when my dad took me and my sister (who was about 3 at the time) to the play centre; you know, the places with the ball pools that could bury a small child ... a ton of slides etc. So I would go refuel on a peanut butter lion bar in it's shiny blue wrapper, a carton of Um Bongo (which I believe they still sell) then go get lost in the ball pool for another couple of hours. 

Don't be fooled, they do have a PEANUT lion bar now but it isn't PEANUT BUTTER .. just not the same.

4) Pokemon Cereal

I only think I ever tried these once, but they were really good. Basically Lucky Charms but with Pokemon marshmallow shapes instead. I would have put Lucky Charms at number 4, but you can still buy them in the UK for a small fortune (they import them from America).

Also who wasn't obsessed with Pokemon in the 90s?

5) Nestle Double Berry

If I heard these were back in the shop now ... I would take off my comfy pyjamas, get out of bed and walk 10 minutes to the corner shop for one.... I seriously loved this chocolate bar and was disappointed when they suddenly disappeared one day. Berries and white chocolate is match made in heaven, the sad thing is there is nothing else even remotely similar to it. 

They also did a Double Chocolate and a Double Cream, but they were like Double Berry's less attractive sisters.

6) Campino


Out of all the sweeties I hear most people wishing these would make a return. They were pretty delicious after all. RIP little dudes.

And that is all folks. If you can think of any other sweeties that you loved and miss then drop me a comment below. I would love to hear :)



Eggstraordinary Easter Eggs ;)

Easter was a fun time for me as a child .. I always remember my parents hiding Easter eggs around the house while I was asleep, so when I woke up in the morning me and my sister would go hunt for them. Our house was pretty small though so some of the places were pretty obscure; this included eggs hidden in the washing machine. I'm sure my parents ran out of ideas eventually and then every year they would pretty much be in the same places, however me and my sister never grew tired of the tradition. 

But obviously now I'm way too old for Easter egg hunts, just one great quality egg would do for me now. So here are some of my cracking eggs I have found, great for anyone :)

Leave your e-mail address or Twitter name in the comment section along with what flavour chocolate you like best and I will give a lucky winner a free Easter egg!

(From left to right)

The most artistic egg:  Gold Lattice Egg - £45 Marks and Spencers

Hand piped and painted gold, it basically looks like an edible Fabergé egg; like many of my eggs, it seems a shame to eat something that looks like it could belong in an art museum!

Funniest egg: You Crack Me Up - £27 Hotel Chocolat

A deliciously extra thick egg filled with smiley face eggs, eggy soldiers made from white chocolate praline, bunnies and chicks ... If the easter bunny laid eggs, this is what it would look like.

Most beautiful eggs: £45 Fortum and Mason

These eggs would win the title for Miss Egg World - of course they would then have to split the prize 3 ways which wouldn't go down too well.

Most Colossal egg :  The Ostrich Egg - £75 Hotel Chocolat

Titled 'The Ostrich Egg' it is actually probably more the size of a dinosaur egg. Inside the super thick shell made from milk chocolate, rice puffs and crunchy cookies, there are 27 chocolates filled with mellow pralines, molten caramels, champagne truffles, tangy fruits and other delights. It would probably last me a month if I ate it everyday.

Best for the Kids: Ollie the owl egg - £5 Waitrose

One of the more cheep-er eggs in my selection but the cutest! Who doesn't love owls and chocolate? They also do an Izzie the owl in pink and white chocolate :) awh!

Biggest easter egg i've ever seen: Imperial Spring Flowers Egg - £200 Bettys

I'm not sure who would ever need an easter egg this big but it sure is impressive! (woman for scale.) I think this egg would take me half the year to eat ... luckily Easter is in the spring or it would be a oozing puddle of melted chocolate way before anyone could finish eating it.

Modest egg: Personalised egg - £7 Thorntons

It isn't a show-off like the rest of the guys but it is tasty, and the best thing is you can have it personalised just by typing up your message while buying it online! You don't have to have it in white chocolate if you don't want ... they also do milk and dark chocolate eggs which you can pop someone's name onto.

Most mouthwatering: Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs with salted peanut butter - £5 Montezuma 

They may be mini, but just reading the title of the eggs makes me drool ( I haven't even got to the description yet.) I am a huge fan of peanut butter so I will definitely be trying these!

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address or Twitter name below, along with what flavour chocolate you like best for a chance to win a free Easter egg. I will draw the names out of a hat on the 28th :)

Happy Easter!



Cottage fever


Picture: Pastels, polka-dots, bunting, wicker hearts, gingham and cute farm-yard animal accessories ... these are all darn good reasons why I'm loving the country cottage look this season. I live in the middle of London, miles away from the countryside with not a sheep or perfect thatched cottage in sight - you may also live absolutely nowhere near any picturesque cottage villages... but who cares, you can just transform your pad into your own little cottage.

The great thing with interior design is you can be anywhere in the world but you can create a whole different feel and transport your mind to somewhere completely different depending on how you choose to decorate. You do not need to repaint to create this new look, it is all about accessorising - but if you do want to go all out then walls look amazing painted in white, creams or pastel blues when teamed with coloured wood furniture. In my opinion it is best to stay clear of floral furniture as it can look too dated rather than the desired more contemporary cottage look.

Here are my top picks of accessories which I adore.

Laura Ashley Garden Birds Print - £52, Pip Studio Early Bird Mugs - £10 Selfridges, Floral & Spotted Bunting - £15 M&S

Seaside Cushions-  £15-£40 John LewisI know these cushions aren't for the typical cottage look, maybe a cottage by the sea though? Anyway, I love these cushions because they remind me of Southwold, which is basically a nicer seaside town from the other seaside town I'm actually from! (Southwold is well known for its array of very expensive beach huts.)

Patchwork Piggie Doorstop - £28 Cath Kidston - Cath Kidston is the place to go for any cottage decor or accessories all year round, forever... If you don't know this well-known store then it is famous for its floral accessories, well, floral anything really ... But asides from floral they do many other kitsch patterned items and some lovely patchwork patterned things. Behold the patchwork pig! 

Chick Egg Measuring spoons - £12 Laura Ashley - Lifecycle of a chicken in measuring spoon form especially for all you baking and spice fans out there, because normal spoons are just too boring right?

Handmade, Handpainted Easter Egg Candles -  £4 each Etsy - Perfect for an Easter present for anyone you think needs to cut down on the chocolate this year ;)  ... Just kidding, I just really like the pastel colours paired with the gold, they look a little abstract and would look nice any time of the year in a bedroom or in any room. Of course you can still get them as Easter presents if you wanted to though.

Funny Salt & Pepper Shakers - £15 Etsy 

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Make the most of winter.

Winter might not be everyone's cup of tea and I don't blame them ... getting dark early, being freezing cold .. etc etc.

I'm not a huge fan of winter myself but I try to make positives from it. There are actually a few little things to enjoy about winter. Here are my top picks =]

1) Hot drinks

There's nothing better than having a hot drink in your hands on a cold day. I love tea (Yorkshire tea is the best), rich hot chocolate piled with whipped cream and marshmallows and also the odd coffee when I get a chance to pop into a cafe. 

I really enjoy the choice of coffees available at this time of the year with their festive flavours. So far i've tried a Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa (tastes like Wagon Wheels), salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks - which I hope they still have this year or I will cry. 

Today I tried an Amaretto latte from Nero which was pretty nice ... I don't think I would get it again though.

The Costa gingerbread man latte (see pic) is on my wish list though :) but to be fair I only secretly want it for the cute little gingerbread man on top! I'm 100% sure i'm not the only one.

2) Christmas in the home

At this time of the year the home comes to life with a bit of Christmas spirit. We have finally put our Christmas tree up and this year it's an actual real one so I was very excited - I haven't had a real tree since I was 3 maybe, I don't remember! The front room now smells of pine and cinnamon candles. I actually want to spend time in the living room at this time of the year because of the warmth and atmosphere that the decorations bring.

3) Cosy PJs

It's too cold to wear anything else so crack open the PJ drawer! 

4) Snow

Snow can be exciting for everyone, not just kids. I don't like to be out in it for too long but I like to admire it from the safety of my window, very picturesque :)

England isn't always guaranteed a decent amount of snow and rarely snows at Christmas. We usually get it around January/ February here.

The scary snowman is the last time I made one nearly 5 years ago - how time flies!



Holidays Are Coming

With Christmas fast approaching many of you - and me- are still struggling with what to get for your friends and family.

Here are a few gift ideas for each family member which I have picked out especially for you :)

For Mum : Sanctuary Spa Box of Delights

£45 - Boots

When I think of my mum I think of baths and pampering - she spends forever soaking in the tub!

I'm sure many mums out there are the same after a long day at work and deserve a long hot bath and a bit of pampering.

I have seen the whole new Christmas gift Sanctuary range and the designs are beautiful and oriental inspired. They all have a cute little white bird on them with pink breast and cheeks alongside an array of pink flowers on a warm orange background. They also have some makeup bags in the same design, but on a pink background.

Inside this box of goodies you get :

  • Cleansing Burst Body Wash
  • Luxurious Body Butter
  • Gentle Polish Body Scrub
  • Velvety Hand Cream 
  • Intensive Heel Balm 
  • Foaming Creamy Bath Soak 
  • Luxury Bath Float 
  • Silky Smooth Body Lotion
  • Radiance Exfoliator 

Everything for your mum to feel pampered from head-to-toe!

For Dad/Partner Personalised Leather Wallet

£38 - NotOnTheHighStreet.com 

Why not treat your dad or other half to a luxurious personalised buffalo leather wallet.

This best seller made by NV LONDON CALCUTTA is made from 100% eco-friendly leather and comes in black or rich brown.

Not only can you put their name on the front, but you an also do a message inside which makes it even more personal. It's something that they can keep for a lifetime.

Foodie or Chilli fanatic : World's Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox

£6 - NotOnTheHighStreet.com

A quirky gift,  perfect for any daredevil who wants to try a bit of the four hottest chillies in the world. 

Each powder comes in a tiny bottle inside a standard size match box (Scorpion Moruga, Butch T, Seven Pot and Ghost Powder.)

With all of them over a million on the Schoville scale and the hottest 2 million - compared to the Jalepeño (which is even too hot for me sometimes)  at a measly 8000, i'm sure a teeny tiny sprinkle is all you need to blow you head off.

You also get some nice fact cards inside about each chilli just to finish it off.

Techie : Joosa Power Charger

£30 - Firebox

Any gadgeteer needs their phone, so if it runs out of power when they're out and about - their life is over.

But with one of these there is no need to worry, you can charge your phone anywhere without a wall socket. Brilliant!

Charges Apple, Blackberry and Android phones as well as e-books, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The Joosa can fully charge any device up to 4 times, just as well as a wall socket, before the power charger needs charging itself.

For Kids (or big kids) : Retro Candy Floss Maker

£50 - IWantOneOfThose.com

If I was a kid this would definitely be on my Christmas list. 

The only time we ever got to eat candy floss is when we went to a fair or up the seafront, but being able to make it yourself is a whole different ball game.

You simply add caster sugar and powdered food colouring of your choice and watch it whip up traditional candy floss in minutes. Amazing!

Pet Lovers: Personalised Cat and Dog Decorations

£26 - Etsy

if you have a cat and a dog - or just a dog, or just a cat ... then these cute ornaments handmade by American Etsy seller Susabellas are super cute.

Only pet lovers would understand the concept of gift giving to pets at Christmas, in our house with 3 cats we love to treat ours with turkey giblets!

But these ornaments are great for a more non-perishable, non-consumable gift which can be reused every year.

They are handcrafted, fired, glazed and then fired again. Each will be stamped with a pet's name which can be left in white or painted as shown. Colors include metallic silver, metallic gold or black. The ornament dog bone ornament is approximately 3.75 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall and the cat is 3 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.

Each ornament comes with a red or white silky cord and is gift boxed with a ribbon ready to give.












My Bird Bedroom

If you can't have a real bird in your house then why not bring a little nature into your home with some birdy objects?

Bird decor seems to be bang on trend this year with the biggest to the smallest high street shops stocking all things bird - from an owl cushions to woodpecker vases, it seems to be everywhere! 

I do not know the reason for others having an obsession with all this bird merch, but I have always loved the idea of having bird decor around the home - not only do I love actual birds, but there is a homely, quirky, country cottage look and feel about it.

Bird Vinyl Wall Art




I thought our little bedroom needed something to spruce it up, so when I came across these elegant wall vinyls on Etsy I knew I just had to get them! They're all custom made so you can select which colour you like - in this case I chose white as it looks great against pale green, but I would opt for black if I had a white wall.

After watching a quick tutorial on YouTube, I was able to put them up pretty easily ( a lot easier than I imagined) and it only took me about half an hour. The end result is pretty impressive and looks professional. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't wish to muck around with messy paint stencils! 

Bird Cage Curtain Tie-backs


£8 a pair


I swapped my boring cream curtain ties for these cosy-cottage style curtain pins instead. They come in white, beige or grey - but I thought grey would look better on beige curtains as it they would stand out better! 

They're simple to put on, just gather your curtains together in the middle, put the cage over then pop the pin through the loops around the back. The only thing I have to worry about is getting them the same level on both curtains which isn't too tricky if you have a good eye.