Magic In A Can

Lack-lustre To Luscious In A Minute 

You may be a lover of dry shampoo - or you may be a dry shampoo virgin - either way you have to try Herbal Essences new dry shampoo.

I am a great believer of shampoo in a can, I wake up on my 'hair wash day' and my hair is always a little greasy in the roots, leaving it a dull, flat mess.

Batiste I have used on many many occasions but this new Herbal Essences stuff is something else!(I find that Batiste doesn't absorb much of the grease and it always looks like I have flour in my hair- it is difficult to brush it all off your roots.)

I chose the 'Uplifting Volume' one in a nice cheery orange can - it was half price at the time so I thought why not. 

The scent is very pleasant and smells just as nice as their famous shampoo range - it isn't too sickly and sweet but you might get a hint of it now and again through-out the day (which I quite like.)

You just shake up the can, spray into your roots and massage in. It can leave your roots a little wet at first but if you keep massaging it in till it dries then you're all good to go! 

It looks, and feels like I have just washed my hair with pretty much all of the grease absorbed and my hair back to it's usual colour - no dullness.

I know Batiste uses rice starch in their products and Herbal Essences uses tapioca. Tapioca is the winning ingredient in this case. Goodbye Batiste! 

Herbal Essences dry shampoo is available at Boots, Superdrug or online for £2.99. 







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