Pinch Punch First Of The Month!

Summer still lingers here in the UK and we luckily get to feel the heat of the summer sun for a little longer. It is pretty windy in London and the leaves are slowly starting to float away from their homes in the trees, the ones remaining a contrasting mixture of bright green and vibrant red. Summer still lingers.

Here are my early autumn picks ... not quite cold enough for coats yet!

1) Servane Gaxotte Rabbit Doll Pendant Necklace - £330 - Farfetch  

I was instantly drawn to this necklace ... and then cried when I saw the price tag. Of course I unfortunately cannot afford to buy this wonderful piece of jewellery *sobs*, but I can still appreciate it :)

My eyes were instantly drawn to this unique and unusual pendant like a magnet. I adore how the designer has used lace material over the silver to make the doll's dress; I have never seen a necklace like this before! It also oozes of Alice in Wonderland, who doesn't like Alice in Wonderland? 

2) Blue Vintage Slouchy Cable Knit Jumper - £23 - Etsy

To be teamed with the fantastic 4) Abercrombie & Fitch Burgundy Corduroy Skirt - £40

I don't know why but I like the contrast of burgundy with blue. Great with some black tights, boots or brogues. 

3) Shift Rose Dress With Victoriana Lace Neckline - £32 - ASOS

A shift dress paired with beautiful lace sleeves and high-necked collar. 60s meets 1800s! Why not. Maybe the Victorians would have had more fun if they met someone from the 60s :)

I like it. Simples. 

5) Tiara Babydoll Dress by Motel - £35 - Topshop

The orangey hues just shout autumn, and the 70s revival also springs to mind.

Not a stereotypical paisley print though, more of a 90s grunge print of astronomical proportions. Suns, stars and moons which look like they have just leapt straight out of a deck of tarot cards. I actually have a similar dress in black and white also from Motel! Bravo.

6) Paloma Burgundy Wingtip Brogues - £32 - Etsy

Brown and black brogues are kind of boring, ey? Why not have these timeless beauties in burgundy instead, spice them up a little. Red also suits the whole autumn theme of course! True vintage and in brilliant condition, this is why I love Etsy. 

7) Handmade Hot Air Balloon Coin Purse - £10 - Etsy

My most random pick of the day. Not everyone needs a coin purse maybe, BUT IT'S SO CUTEEE ... maybe not the hot air balloon, they aren't cute ... but the love heart fastening at the top is.

There's something about hot air balloons which I like, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm not the only one surely, why else would this seller make a hot air balloon purse :) aha!!






Thursday evening picks :)

Some cute bits and bobs I found. Hope you love them as much as I do! 

1) William Morris Co-Ord - Vintage Style Me, £48

This gorgeous crop top and skirt co-ord is just perfect, I picture a nice picnic in the park whist sporting this little number! I just love this little lace collar around the top ... and of course anything bird print is a winner in my eyes. Also comes in blue.

2) Victorian Gold Locket - Etsy, £28

A genuine Victorian gold locket, just the thought of it once having a tiny heart-shaped photo inside of a lover, or even a lock of hair, it is pretty awesome I think. I suddenly feel all Emily Bronte, poetic, like the locket is part of some love story. If you have a lover then why not put your own photo inside :) even if it's just a picture of your cat.

3) Pointelle Green Yarn-Dyed Cardigan - Cath Kidson, £45

This isn't just any green cardigan ... this is THE softest cardigan in the whole wide world. I find myself stroking it every time I venture into the store like some weirdo. I'm no weirdo, I just really appreciate good quality fabrics, what is wrong with that?! Anyways, I really must get one for myself, plus I love green. They do other colours also if green don't float your boat.

4) Lola Clutch Bag - Irregular Choice, £38  

I've always liked the clashing colours of blue and red together, along with the mixture of polka-dot and gingham, it just gives off a 50s kitsch vibe which I like. I think it would be great to wear for a cute lunch or dinner date.

5) Vintage Peter Rabbit Brooch - Etsy, £15

I've been wanting to get this lovely little brooch for a while now. As a Brit, I love Beatrix Potter and Peter rabbit. He is one of my childhood heroes, I spent my childhood listening to the adventures - or should I say misadventures- of Peter rabbit on my cassette tape and then getting terribly scared when the evil Mr McGregor (I think that was his name) tried to catch him! 

6) 80s Peach Scottish Terrier Detailed Blouse - Etsy, £18

I actually have a blouse quite similar to this sitting my wardrobe, but what really attracted me to this one in particular is the terribly cute little Scottish Terrier dogs (Scottie dogs) embroidered down the front which is unusual :) 

7) Embroidered Flamingo Shoes - Irregular Choice, £70

If you love shoes ... and you love quirky ... and you especially love quirky shoes then you just have to check out Irregular Choice's shoe selection. They definitely do some of the wackiest, show-stoppingly, amazing, Lady Gaga-esque style shoes I have ever seen. I don't think I could pull them off, so I lovingly picked out these fantastic flamingo flats instead! People love flamingos, especially this year for some reason, why not every year?  Here's a nice bird's eye view of them.




70s Revival ~ Spring/Summer picks <3

 On the go city girl.

On the go city girl.

The catwalk has spoken! 

This season is all about the 70s look (if you get it right ... some 70s things look pretty garish.) A few things to keep and eye out for are; a neutral colour palette, paisley, suede, fringes, fedora hats and maybe a hint of fur. This is more typical of the late 70s rather than the early 70s- where clothes were very over-the-top and brightly coloured.

The overall look is a perfect mashup between the mods and the hippies from the 60s; you can clearly see that with the edginess of the tight trousers and the fedora hats combined with the tasselled leather bags and the suede waistcoats.

The best way to rock the 70s look is to include some retro looking clothing, but with a modern twist, so you don't look like you're going to a fancy dress party or a disco. Don't just wear it for the sake of it looking 70s, wear it because you actually like it.

I think you can go two ways with this look this summer... you can either opt for the 70s boho festival look ... or you can be the city 'on the go' chick.

The city chick will strut the street in her denim jeans or flares; her country cousin will opt for lighter cotton trousers or a floaty paisley dress.



 Festival boho look. Thank you to&nbsp; ALEXE R. &nbsp;on LookBook for this wonderful picture (right)

Festival boho look. Thank you to ALEXE R. on LookBook for this wonderful picture (right)

I live in the city ... but I think I am a country chick at heart still and love the boho festival goer look :)

Here are some fab items I have found and love. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Is it just me or does the model look like the women off Orange Is The New Black!

This lovely lace beaded blouse would look amazing paired with the suedette shorts above.

***Etsy + ASOS = Kickass retro revival wardrobe***

  Open Knit Dolman Cardigan - £22 Forever 21,&nbsp; I tried to find the dress but it is no longer on the website? Not sure why.

Open Knit Dolman Cardigan - £22 Forever 21, I tried to find the dress but it is no longer on the website? Not sure why.

At first I weren't too sure about the 70s look, but I am now won over ... any 70s style skeptics out there too?