Thursday evening picks :)

Some cute bits and bobs I found. Hope you love them as much as I do! 

1) William Morris Co-Ord - Vintage Style Me, £48

This gorgeous crop top and skirt co-ord is just perfect, I picture a nice picnic in the park whist sporting this little number! I just love this little lace collar around the top ... and of course anything bird print is a winner in my eyes. Also comes in blue.

2) Victorian Gold Locket - Etsy, £28

A genuine Victorian gold locket, just the thought of it once having a tiny heart-shaped photo inside of a lover, or even a lock of hair, it is pretty awesome I think. I suddenly feel all Emily Bronte, poetic, like the locket is part of some love story. If you have a lover then why not put your own photo inside :) even if it's just a picture of your cat.

3) Pointelle Green Yarn-Dyed Cardigan - Cath Kidson, £45

This isn't just any green cardigan ... this is THE softest cardigan in the whole wide world. I find myself stroking it every time I venture into the store like some weirdo. I'm no weirdo, I just really appreciate good quality fabrics, what is wrong with that?! Anyways, I really must get one for myself, plus I love green. They do other colours also if green don't float your boat.

4) Lola Clutch Bag - Irregular Choice, £38  

I've always liked the clashing colours of blue and red together, along with the mixture of polka-dot and gingham, it just gives off a 50s kitsch vibe which I like. I think it would be great to wear for a cute lunch or dinner date.

5) Vintage Peter Rabbit Brooch - Etsy, £15

I've been wanting to get this lovely little brooch for a while now. As a Brit, I love Beatrix Potter and Peter rabbit. He is one of my childhood heroes, I spent my childhood listening to the adventures - or should I say misadventures- of Peter rabbit on my cassette tape and then getting terribly scared when the evil Mr McGregor (I think that was his name) tried to catch him! 

6) 80s Peach Scottish Terrier Detailed Blouse - Etsy, £18

I actually have a blouse quite similar to this sitting my wardrobe, but what really attracted me to this one in particular is the terribly cute little Scottish Terrier dogs (Scottie dogs) embroidered down the front which is unusual :) 

7) Embroidered Flamingo Shoes - Irregular Choice, £70

If you love shoes ... and you love quirky ... and you especially love quirky shoes then you just have to check out Irregular Choice's shoe selection. They definitely do some of the wackiest, show-stoppingly, amazing, Lady Gaga-esque style shoes I have ever seen. I don't think I could pull them off, so I lovingly picked out these fantastic flamingo flats instead! People love flamingos, especially this year for some reason, why not every year?  Here's a nice bird's eye view of them.




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