Posh toasts

Eggs benedict/royale is a much-loved favourite in cafes worldwide - especially here in London. I am a sucker for smoked salmon and could quite happily eat it everyday. But let's face it, eggs benedict could be a little healthier and more nutritious ... so I came up with an alternative, which swaps white muffins for wholegrain toast and low fat cream cheese instead of butter laden hollandaise sauce. This protein packed meal would be great for breakfast if you have time or for lunch at home. The smoked salmon and spinach are both bursting with omega-3, which is great for the heart and hair, and the seeded toasts are a fantastic source of fibre.


Here's what you will need:

2 Slices of wholegrain toast - I like to use the seeded bread to make mine 

2 eggs

Large handful of spinach

Low fat cream cheese

Smoked salmon slices - you can pick up the sandwich pack slices for a fair price


Ground black pepper for seasoning

Here's what to do:

First start your spinach, put a large handful into a bowl and cover with boiling water, cover and leave to wilt.

Next is mastering the poached egg- if you don't have an egg poacher then do not worry- I will tell you how to do perfect poached eggs just in a saucepan!

First of all fill up a saucepan with boiling water and a tablespoon of vinegar (the vinegar will hold the egg in shape), bring it to the boil until bubbling and then crack your first egg into the pan - once the whites turn opaque then crack your next egg in. 

Once they are on the boil they will only need a minute and a half for a runny centre - if you don't like runny eggs then maybe boil it for 2 and a half or 3 minutes.  If you get any foam stuff on top while they're cooking then just remove it with a slotted spoon.

Once the time is up then transfer the eggs carefully into a bowl of cold water to stop them from cooking any further.

While the eggs are cooking, pop the toast into the toaster.

Drain off the spinach and use the back of a slotted spoon to squish out excess liquid.

Cover both toasts with the cream cheese, then spinach, smoked salmon and finally top with the poached egg. 

Garnish with chives and season with freshly ground pepper .... you won't need any salt as the smoked salmon is salty enough.


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G'morning World

Here is another super easy, yummy and healthy breakfast recipe to try yourself at home :)

It is packed full of protein, essential vitamins and complex carbs which will keep you full by slowly releasing energy up until lunch time.

Sophie's Super Berry Smoothie

 (Serves 2)


You will need: 


A blender

Some berries - I used mixed, but you can use just blueberries if you want

2 bananas

2 tablespoons chia seeds (of course)

Small pot of yoghurt

350ml milk

Squidge of honey

Put all your ingredients into the blender, it doesn't matter what order but it is probably best to put the chia seeds in last just incase they stick to the bottom.

You can add more or less honey depending on how sweet you like it.

(I like to blend mine for at least a minute so it comes out super smooth)

Best served in a tall glass with a granola bar on the side :) yum yum!

Hope you enjoy!