My Bird Bedroom

If you can't have a real bird in your house then why not bring a little nature into your home with some birdy objects?

Bird decor seems to be bang on trend this year with the biggest to the smallest high street shops stocking all things bird - from an owl cushions to woodpecker vases, it seems to be everywhere! 

I do not know the reason for others having an obsession with all this bird merch, but I have always loved the idea of having bird decor around the home - not only do I love actual birds, but there is a homely, quirky, country cottage look and feel about it.

Bird Vinyl Wall Art




I thought our little bedroom needed something to spruce it up, so when I came across these elegant wall vinyls on Etsy I knew I just had to get them! They're all custom made so you can select which colour you like - in this case I chose white as it looks great against pale green, but I would opt for black if I had a white wall.

After watching a quick tutorial on YouTube, I was able to put them up pretty easily ( a lot easier than I imagined) and it only took me about half an hour. The end result is pretty impressive and looks professional. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't wish to muck around with messy paint stencils! 

Bird Cage Curtain Tie-backs


£8 a pair


I swapped my boring cream curtain ties for these cosy-cottage style curtain pins instead. They come in white, beige or grey - but I thought grey would look better on beige curtains as it they would stand out better! 

They're simple to put on, just gather your curtains together in the middle, put the cage over then pop the pin through the loops around the back. The only thing I have to worry about is getting them the same level on both curtains which isn't too tricky if you have a good eye.



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