Cottage fever


Picture: Pastels, polka-dots, bunting, wicker hearts, gingham and cute farm-yard animal accessories ... these are all darn good reasons why I'm loving the country cottage look this season. I live in the middle of London, miles away from the countryside with not a sheep or perfect thatched cottage in sight - you may also live absolutely nowhere near any picturesque cottage villages... but who cares, you can just transform your pad into your own little cottage.

The great thing with interior design is you can be anywhere in the world but you can create a whole different feel and transport your mind to somewhere completely different depending on how you choose to decorate. You do not need to repaint to create this new look, it is all about accessorising - but if you do want to go all out then walls look amazing painted in white, creams or pastel blues when teamed with coloured wood furniture. In my opinion it is best to stay clear of floral furniture as it can look too dated rather than the desired more contemporary cottage look.

Here are my top picks of accessories which I adore.

Laura Ashley Garden Birds Print - £52, Pip Studio Early Bird Mugs - £10 Selfridges, Floral & Spotted Bunting - £15 M&S

Seaside Cushions-  £15-£40 John LewisI know these cushions aren't for the typical cottage look, maybe a cottage by the sea though? Anyway, I love these cushions because they remind me of Southwold, which is basically a nicer seaside town from the other seaside town I'm actually from! (Southwold is well known for its array of very expensive beach huts.)

Patchwork Piggie Doorstop - £28 Cath Kidston - Cath Kidston is the place to go for any cottage decor or accessories all year round, forever... If you don't know this well-known store then it is famous for its floral accessories, well, floral anything really ... But asides from floral they do many other kitsch patterned items and some lovely patchwork patterned things. Behold the patchwork pig! 

Chick Egg Measuring spoons - £12 Laura Ashley - Lifecycle of a chicken in measuring spoon form especially for all you baking and spice fans out there, because normal spoons are just too boring right?

Handmade, Handpainted Easter Egg Candles -  £4 each Etsy - Perfect for an Easter present for anyone you think needs to cut down on the chocolate this year ;)  ... Just kidding, I just really like the pastel colours paired with the gold, they look a little abstract and would look nice any time of the year in a bedroom or in any room. Of course you can still get them as Easter presents if you wanted to though.

Funny Salt & Pepper Shakers - £15 Etsy 

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