Eggstraordinary Easter Eggs ;)

Easter was a fun time for me as a child .. I always remember my parents hiding Easter eggs around the house while I was asleep, so when I woke up in the morning me and my sister would go hunt for them. Our house was pretty small though so some of the places were pretty obscure; this included eggs hidden in the washing machine. I'm sure my parents ran out of ideas eventually and then every year they would pretty much be in the same places, however me and my sister never grew tired of the tradition. 

But obviously now I'm way too old for Easter egg hunts, just one great quality egg would do for me now. So here are some of my cracking eggs I have found, great for anyone :)

Leave your e-mail address or Twitter name in the comment section along with what flavour chocolate you like best and I will give a lucky winner a free Easter egg!

(From left to right)

The most artistic egg:  Gold Lattice Egg - £45 Marks and Spencers

Hand piped and painted gold, it basically looks like an edible Fabergé egg; like many of my eggs, it seems a shame to eat something that looks like it could belong in an art museum!

Funniest egg: You Crack Me Up - £27 Hotel Chocolat

A deliciously extra thick egg filled with smiley face eggs, eggy soldiers made from white chocolate praline, bunnies and chicks ... If the easter bunny laid eggs, this is what it would look like.

Most beautiful eggs: £45 Fortum and Mason

These eggs would win the title for Miss Egg World - of course they would then have to split the prize 3 ways which wouldn't go down too well.

Most Colossal egg :  The Ostrich Egg - £75 Hotel Chocolat

Titled 'The Ostrich Egg' it is actually probably more the size of a dinosaur egg. Inside the super thick shell made from milk chocolate, rice puffs and crunchy cookies, there are 27 chocolates filled with mellow pralines, molten caramels, champagne truffles, tangy fruits and other delights. It would probably last me a month if I ate it everyday.

Best for the Kids: Ollie the owl egg - £5 Waitrose

One of the more cheep-er eggs in my selection but the cutest! Who doesn't love owls and chocolate? They also do an Izzie the owl in pink and white chocolate :) awh!

Biggest easter egg i've ever seen: Imperial Spring Flowers Egg - £200 Bettys

I'm not sure who would ever need an easter egg this big but it sure is impressive! (woman for scale.) I think this egg would take me half the year to eat ... luckily Easter is in the spring or it would be a oozing puddle of melted chocolate way before anyone could finish eating it.

Modest egg: Personalised egg - £7 Thorntons

It isn't a show-off like the rest of the guys but it is tasty, and the best thing is you can have it personalised just by typing up your message while buying it online! You don't have to have it in white chocolate if you don't want ... they also do milk and dark chocolate eggs which you can pop someone's name onto.

Most mouthwatering: Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs with salted peanut butter - £5 Montezuma 

They may be mini, but just reading the title of the eggs makes me drool ( I haven't even got to the description yet.) I am a huge fan of peanut butter so I will definitely be trying these!

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address or Twitter name below, along with what flavour chocolate you like best for a chance to win a free Easter egg. I will draw the names out of a hat on the 28th :)

Happy Easter!



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