Sweetie Graveyard **Nostalgia alert**

You've probably at some point in your life heard your parents talking about how chocolate bars were a metre long back in the day and how Cadbury's Cream Eggs were the size of ostrich eggs. They may have mentioned some weird chocolate bars that you never ever heard of before, like a Wunderbar ... or how Snickers used to be called Marathon.

So here is a post dedicated to all them poor discontinued goodies that I used to love growing up in the 90s. Why oh why do they do this to us?! The thought of never being able to taste them again is pretty depressing don't you think. 

How many do you remember? 

In at number 1 is *drum roll*

Willy Wonka's Fizzy Jerkz

They are so discontinued that this is the only picture available.

I remember these guys from school ... hurrying to the 'tuck shop' as soon as the bell went for break time so I could grab a pack. If you did too, then you definitely know that the pink ones were the best, although I did quite like the green ones too.

Maybe they'll bring them back one day, who knows.

2) Coffee Wispa Bars (Wispaccino)

These bad boys were discontinued way before fizzy jerks as far as I remember, I mean come on, the only photo left is an empty wrapper left from about 15 years ago.

I vaguely remember my parents eating them ... and I tried a piece (eating something coffee flavoured as 4-year-old was a new experience.) I do remember liking the taste, surely I would have forgotten about these if I didn't!

3) Peanut Butter Lion Bars

My childhood vending machine favourite ... I don't actually remember going to the shop to buy these, I always used to eat them when my dad took me and my sister (who was about 3 at the time) to the play centre; you know, the places with the ball pools that could bury a small child ... a ton of slides etc. So I would go refuel on a peanut butter lion bar in it's shiny blue wrapper, a carton of Um Bongo (which I believe they still sell) then go get lost in the ball pool for another couple of hours. 

Don't be fooled, they do have a PEANUT lion bar now but it isn't PEANUT BUTTER .. just not the same.

4) Pokemon Cereal

I only think I ever tried these once, but they were really good. Basically Lucky Charms but with Pokemon marshmallow shapes instead. I would have put Lucky Charms at number 4, but you can still buy them in the UK for a small fortune (they import them from America).

Also who wasn't obsessed with Pokemon in the 90s?

5) Nestle Double Berry

If I heard these were back in the shop now ... I would take off my comfy pyjamas, get out of bed and walk 10 minutes to the corner shop for one.... I seriously loved this chocolate bar and was disappointed when they suddenly disappeared one day. Berries and white chocolate is match made in heaven, the sad thing is there is nothing else even remotely similar to it. 

They also did a Double Chocolate and a Double Cream, but they were like Double Berry's less attractive sisters.

6) Campino


Out of all the sweeties I hear most people wishing these would make a return. They were pretty delicious after all. RIP little dudes.

And that is all folks. If you can think of any other sweeties that you loved and miss then drop me a comment below. I would love to hear :)



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